JBatchUpload is a JFileUpload add-on that allows to queue files before upload. End-user can select many files and folders with subfolders from a file chooser or through drag and drop. It works on the top of JFileUpload (Java applet) so files can be uploaded either to a web server or a ftp server. Broken upload could be resumed too.

JBatchUpload queue and files before upload

last update: 03/2017
JBatchUpload includes all main features of JFileUpload (on-fly compression, resume, recursive folders, large upload, filtering, cross browsers support and more). However, the frontend is quite different and provides the following:
  • Multiple files and folders selection.
  • Pop-up to remove items.
  • Drag and drop support.
  • Copy/paste selection from clipboard.
  • Sortable colums by filename, size, date.
  • Select file(s), start and cancel buttons.
  • Upload progress bar with transfer info.
  • Additional transfer info (time remaining, speed).
  • Customizable UI (Tooltips, columns, alignment, colors, buttons).
  • Native look and feel support.
  • Files and folders icons.
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See online documentation for JBatchUpload installation and samples. It includes UI properties description for customization. FAQ is also available.

Online demonstration:

You can try JBatchUpload add-on here. It allows to upload files, folders and subfolders HTTP. It includes time remaining and transfer speed info. It uses native look and feel.


Download JBatchUpload Pro full package
(Includes samples, binaries and documentation - 70KB)

 V3.5new [zip]
(requires JFileUpload 3.5)

JBatchUpload requires Java™technology Get Java


Requires: JFileUpload Pro JFileUpload Enterprise JFileUpload Premium
Trusted signature: Yes (Thawte) Yes (Thawte) Your own certificate
Redistribute: No Yes Yes
API: No Yes Yes
Source code: No No Yes
License: Terms Terms Terms
Price: $39 per domain $199 - unlimited domains $349 - unlimited domains
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