SFTP is a JFileUpload add-on that adds SSH File Transfer Protocol support to all our applets (dedicated to file upload or image upload and FTP file manager).

SSH FTP support applet

last update: 03/2017
SFTP add-on works with basic JFileUpload and all others derivated products such as JDiskExplorer, JBatchUpload, JImageFilter and JImageUpload. It provides the following:
  • SSH2 protocol support.
  • SSH File Transfer Protocol support v0, v1, v2 and v3.
  • Resume support.
  • Commands support (delete, rename, mkdir, chmod).
JDiskExplorer + SFTP on Windows Vista JBatchUpload + SFTP on Windows Vista JFileUpload + SFTP on MacOSX
SFTP + JDiskExplorer SFTP + JBatchUpload SFTP + JFileUpload (MacOSX)


See online documentation for SFTP installation and integration with others add-ons. FAQ is also available.

Online demonstration:

You can try JFileUpload applet here. It allows to upload 1 to 3 files (50MB size max) over HTTP. It does not demonstrate SFTP because we cannot provide SSH sample account but it will show how JFileUpload UI behaves.


Download SFTP add-on Pro package
(Includes samples, binaries and documentation - 247KB)

 V3.5new [zip]
(requires JFileUpload 3.5)

SFTP add-on requires Java™ technology Get Java


  SFTP add-on
SFTP add-on
SFTP add-on
Requires: JFileUpload Pro JFileUpload Enterprise JFileUpload Premium
Trusted signature: Yes (Thawte) Yes (Thawte) Your own certificate
Redistribute: No Yes Yes
API: No Yes Yes
Source code: No No Yes
License: Terms Terms Terms
Price: free $79 - unlimited domains $199 - unlimited domains
Purchase SFTP add-on Enterprise
Purchase SFTP add-on Premium

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