JImageUpload is a JFileUpload add-on that allows to preview images before upload. End-user can select many images from a file chooser or through drag and drop. It works on the top of JFileUpload (Java applet) so images can be uploaded either to a web server or a ftp server.

Image uploader applet with Windows Vista look and feel

last update: 03/2017

JImageUpload includes all main features of JFileUpload (on-fly compression, resume, redirect after upload, large upload, cross browsers support and more). However, the frontend is quite different and provides the following:
  • Fast image preview.
  • Add images with drag & drop or File chooser dialog.
  • Remove image.
  • JPEG, GIF, PNG image formats support.
  • Rotate image.
  • Upload selected images.
  • Transfer progress bar with cancel button.
  • Grid and lines layout.
  • Customizable UI (Tooltips, alignment, colors, buttons)

Note that it could also works with JImageFilter to scale and/or rotate image before upload.

Image upload screenshot under Windows XP MacOSX screenshot Linux screenshot
Windows MacOSX Linux/KDE


See online documentation for JImageUpload installation and samples. It includes UI properties description for customization. FAQ is also available.

Online demonstration:

You can try JImageUpload add-on here. It allows to upload 1 to 15 images (50MB size max) over HTTP. It uses Java look and feel.


Download JImageUpload Pro full package
(Includes samples, binaries and documentation - 96KB)

 V3.5new [zip]
(requires JFileUpload 3.5)

JImageUpload requires Java™technology Get Java


Requires: JFileUpload Pro JFileUpload Enterprise JFileUpload Premium
Trusted signature: Yes (Thawte) Yes (Thawte) Your own certificate
Redistribute: No Yes Yes
API: No Yes Yes
Source code: No No Yes
License: Terms Terms Terms
Price: $29 per domain $149 - unlimited domains $299 - unlimited domains
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