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Current release: 3.3

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JFileUpload - Upload files and folders with a java applet.
It comes with many add-ons:
JImageUpload JImageUpload allows previewing images before upload.
JImageFilter JImageFilter allows scaling images to save bandwidth.
JBatchUpload JBatchUpload can queue and organize files to upload.
Downloader JFileDownload can download files and folders with resume support.
JDiskExplorer JDiskExplorer allows to manage, download files from remote folders.
JS3Upload JS3Upload targets Amazon Simple Storage Service upload.
JS3Explorer JS3Explorer is Amazon Simple Storage Service file manager.
Secure FTP SFTP and SCP add-ons provide Secure FTP for all applets.

JFileUpload products fit to many businesses involving web uploads.
Our customers are printing companies, video services, hosting
services, photographers, webmasters, CMS vendors, studios,
many industries, governments, universities and more.

JFileUpload main features
HTTP and FTP upload
Secure FTP, SCP and FTPS
Files and folders upload
Large upload (> 2GB)
Compression on-fly
Resume broken upload
Auto retry on network failure
Drag & Drop support
Customizable UI
Cross-browsers support
The support section provides a free forum where you can get answers to most questions.
Java Uploader and downloader applets

 Latest changes and news - January 2015: News
  • Release 3.3 of all applets available.
  • Improvements to avoid security warnings. JRE 1.7 and 1.8+ support.
  • SFTP and SCP transfer performances improved.
  • Retry-on-failure download support added to JS3Explorer.
  • Updated digital trusted certificate valid until 2017 (i.e. no security warning prompts).
  • Documentation and tutorials updated (large HTTP upload sample added).
  • Any question or problem? Try our free online forum (more than 3400 questions/answers).

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