JS3Upload pure HTML is a JFileUpload add-on that allows to upload files to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). End-user can select files and folders with subfolders from a file chooser or through drag and drop with either JFileUpload or JBatchUpload front-end.
S3 upload
last update: 04/2017

JS3Upload works with most main features of JFileUpload (progress bar, redirect after upload, cross browsers support and more).  It provides the following features:
  • Amazon S3 HTTP/S POST upload support.
  • Upload files and folders recursively to a bucket.
  • Regions support with AWS signature v2.
  • ACL parameter for uploaded object.
  • Initial subfolder(s) for upload.


See online documentation for JS3Upload installation and samples. FAQ is also available.


JS3Upload add-on is free and already integrated with regular JFileUpload or JBatchUpload pure HTML5 products. You just need to enable it through "addons" parameter.

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