FlickrUpload is a JFileUpload free add-on that adds Flickr support to our upload applets. It allows uploading many images without the pain of selecting one by one with regular HTML upload form. End-user can select, drag&drop or copy/paste an amount of images (even from folders and subfolders) and then upload them to Flickr.

Flickr uploader

last update: 01/2016

FlickrUpload add-on works with JFileUpload, JImageFilter, JImageUpload and JBatchUpload. It provides the following:
  • Photo upload support (Flickr REST API).
  • Tags, Content type, hidden, public, friend, family options.
  • Desktop authentication support.
  • Web authentication support.
  • Scale images before upload (requires JImageFilter).
  • Preview images before upload (requires JImageUpload).

For web designers: FlickrUpload is designed to be integrated to your own application. You can use your own Flickr API key. For best security you can encrypt key and shared secret.

Flickr Upload on Windows Vista JBatchUpload + SFTP on Windows Vista FlickrUpload with JBatchUpload
FlickrUpload Flickr + JImageUpload Flickr + JBatchUpload


See online documentation for FlickrUpload installation and integration with others add-ons. FAQ is also available.

Online demonstration:

You can try FlickrUpload applet here. It allows uploading several images to Flickr. You have to setup your API key and shared key in Flickr menu before uploading. Then, it will open a pop-window to authenticate target Flickr account and finally upload images.


Download FlickrUpload add-on Pro package
(Includes samples, binaries and documentation - 61KB)

 V3.4new [zip]
(requires JFileUpload 3.4)

FlickrUpload add-on requires Java™ technology Get Java

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