We maintain a wish list for JFileUpload and all its add-ons. It's just a wish list but it could be taken into account in the roadmap depending on how much feedback you provide. Feel free to drop an email to support@jfileupload.com to request for an enhancement or vote for one of them below.

  • JFileUpload
    - RFE #JFU1: Add chmod FTP command after successful FTP upload.
      (Closed #JFU1: Implemented in 2.1)
    - RFE #JFU2: Compress all files in one archive instead of compressing each file.
      (Closed #JFU2: Implemented in 2.2)
    - RFE #JFU3: Add SFTP support in addition to FTPS.
      (Closed #JFU2: Implemented in 2.3)
    - RFE #JFU4: Add HTML support for welcome screen.
    - RFE #JFU5: Add KB and MB support for upload file size.
    - RFE #JFU6: Add option to modify "Enter" key in file chooser.
    - RFE #JFU7: Allow disabling file progress bar.
      (Closed #JFU7: Implemented in 2.7)
    - RFE #JFU8: Add SCP support.
      (Closed #JFU8: Implemented in 2.7)
  • JDiskExplorer
    - RFE #JDE1: Add S3 support to list and download files from bucket.
    - RFE #JDE2: Allow customization of local, remote and button panels background colors.
      (Closed #JDE2: Implemented in 2.1)
      (Closed #JDE1: Available in JS3Explorer 2.3)

  • JImageUpload
    - RFE #JIU1: Add Flickr support.
      (Closed #JIU1: Available in FlickrUpload 2.4)
    - RFE #JIU2: Add Picasa support.
  • JImageFilter
    - RFE #JIF1: Add transparent watermark support.
      (Closed #JIF1: Implemented in 2.2)
    - RFE #JIF2: Add support for two thumbnails upload.
      (Closed #JIF2: Implemented in 2.1)
    - RFE #JIF3: Disable filter for image < maxwidthXmaxheight.
  • JS3Upload
    - RFE #JSU1: Add policy document support for NOT pass secret key.
      (Closed #JSU1: Implemented in 2.1)
  • Add-ons
    - RFE #JAO1: Port "resume" support from JSP to PHP sample.
      (Closed #JAO1: It will be available in add-ons section on next update)
    - RFE #JAO2: Add PERL/CGI upload sample.
      (Closed #JAO2: Available in add-ons section)

Notice that we will only list features that could be useful for all customers. So, don't request for specifics as RFE.

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