- S3 Policy generator -


Please fill in your AWS credentials below. Your secret key is not actually transported over the wire; we are just using it for signing the document in this page (notice that this generator works off-line, it does not send any request).

Your AWSAccessKeyID:
Your AWSSecretKey:

Policy Document

The Policy document describes the conditions under which the Signer allows an Anonymous user to impersonate them. Basically, replace yourbucketname below with your bucket and click “Generate S3 Policy and Signature” button. The policy generated is valid until expiration date which is June, 15th 2020.

Users familiar with S3 could add more properties to the policy by refering to the Amazon S3 documentation.

JS3Upload applet parameters

Based on the data you've entered above, here's the applet extra parameters you have to setup in JS3Upload:

<PARAM NAME="param3" VALUE="s3bucket">
<PARAM NAME="value3" VALUE="yourbucketname">
<PARAM NAME="param4" VALUE="awsaccesskeyid">
<PARAM NAME="value4" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="param5" VALUE="s3policy">
<PARAM NAME="value5" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="param6" VALUE="s3signature">
<PARAM NAME="value6" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="mode" VALUE="jfileupload.transfer.client.s3.rest.POSTUploadTransfer">

This S3 policy generator has been adapted from the sample provided in the S3 documentation available on Amazon AWS web site.

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