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UI customization, resources and internationalization

This tutorial details how to customize JFileUpload UI, modify progress bar behavior, update info panel messages, add "Select file(s)" button, remove messages and more. It also details main properties of i18n.properties file that comes with "resources" parameter. Learn more.

Redirect after upload

This tutorial deals with redirect to a web page after successfull upload. You will learn how to get notified about filenames, folders uploaded and extra parameter passing. A PHP sample to send email after upload is available. Learn more.

Integration into a secure application

JFileUpload might be integrated in existing web application that requires authentication to work. Learn how to pass authentication or user's session parameter to JFileUpload. Learn more.

Compression features

JFileUpload allows compressing files before upload. It can compress each file as ZIP or GZIP before upload. It can also compress all files in one archive and then upload the overall archive. Learn more.


JFileUpload doesn't work as expected? You can investigate to figure out what's wrong. Debug and traces can be enabled in the Java console. Learn more.

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