- Installation -

JFileUpload is a client-side JAVA™ component (Applet or WebStart) that allows to upload files and folders to a web or ftp server. This component could be integrated into any application. Server-side technology could be JSP/Servlet, PHP, CGI/PERL, Ruby, ColdFusion or Microsoft ASP. Front-end provides an upload progress bar, a cancel button and drag&drop support. JFileUpload supports very large uploads over 2GB and could resume broken uploads. It is customizable (colors, size and multilanguage). See installation instructions below.

  1. Install JFileUpload HTML and JavaScript samples on your web server.
  2. Add lib/ folder including all JAR files (chttpclient.jar, clogging.jar, httpimpl.jar, ftpimpl.jar and jfileupload.jar) in the same folder as HTML samples.
  3. Update HTML samples to setup parameters.
  4. For HTTP upload, try http://yourserver.com/applet_http.html
    For FTP upload, try http://yourserver.com/applet_ftp.html
    Note that JFileUpload could run locally (without a web server).

JFileUpload applet definition and parameters are setup in a JavaScript file. You will notice that all parameters are setup twice, it is required for cross-browser support. url parameter is mandatory. Parameters for HTTP upload differs slightly from parameters for FTP upload.

Any problem ? Read the [FAQ] first. Still a problem ? Post your question to our online support forum.

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