HTTP/1.0 302 Found Error

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HTTP/1.0 302 Found Error

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I am getting HTTP/1.0 302 error while using upload applet

website environment contains BIG IP and the ssl certificate is registered in the BIG IP
and all the requests pass through this BIG IP
in my web server where the site is hosted we have only port 80 opened and in BIG IP port 443 is opened for ssl

please suggest some solution for the upload issue
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302 error
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Re: HTTP/1.0 302 Found Error

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This error means that the URL configured in JFileUpload redirects to another URL. Usually, it means that the initial URL requires authentication and credentials (or security token such as cookie) passed by JFileUpload is not correct (or not the one expected), then the server redirects to a login page.

Check your access web log to get more details about the 302 redirection.

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