Amazon S3 upload add-on.
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I would like to use JS3Upload to allow clients with fast internet connections to upload large QuickTimes over 5GB. In my tests it appears that JS3Upload multipart is not using the entire bandwidth of my internet connection. I am testing with an upload speed of around 3.7Mbps. When uploading an 8GB file, it did not complete in 9 hours. If JS3Upload took full advantage of the connection, I think it should have taken 4.7 hours. When I submit files to S3 using post with a form, I am able to utilize full bandwidth. I used the default setting from applet_s3_multipart.js:


Are there any setting that will allow JS3Upload to take full/better advantage of the connection?

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Re: Bandwidth

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Could you make a test with another client to make sure it's not a problem with S3 servers or your ISP?

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