JIimageUpload - config options

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JIimageUpload - config options

Postby sdthomas » Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:50 pm

Hi There,

Firstly i'd like to say this seems like quite a robust Java Upload applet and alot less buggy than others we have tested.
We are intending to use jFileUpload for our clients My Files upload area, and JImageUpload for our clients PhotoGallery and My Images upload areas.
So we are looking at purchasing the JFileUpload, JImageUpload and JImageFilter applets but need to know if we can overcome a few obstacles in order to know if it will meet our requirements.

Currently testing version 2.5 Unregistered.

1) From my previous post, I've overcome the File Menu issue in JimageUpload (which only shows in JFileUpload) by using the
progress.button.select option so that users can select files using the select files button on the bottom toolbar.
Problem is that enabling progress.button.select and progress.button.cancel also puts those buttons onto the thumbnail images. Is there a way to stop this?

2) In JFileUpload is there a way to stop it automatically uploading and instead build a queue like JImageUpload - then upload only when a Start Upload button is pressed?

3) Can the following be done using the javascript API:
a) enable/disable image filtering (ie resizing) via javascript eg an event bound to a checkbox.
b) change values of maxwidth/maxheight via javascript eg an event bound to text input fields.
I've not managed to test the JSAPI yet (mayscript is enabled), is there a restriction on the JSAPI for unregistered users?

4) When setting a max filesize for upload eg 1Mb adding 2 files of say 600k = 1.2Mb, We dont see any error message displayed within the java applet telling the user they have exceed their file usage when they try and upload. Error shows in the Java Console.
This is what we have enabled in the taskoutput section:
taskoutput.usage=Select or drag and drop file to upload
#taskoutput.split.info=Splitting file : {0}
#taskoutput.split.size=in {0} chunk(s) up to {1} bytes
#taskoutput.split.chunk.started=Creating chunk {0} ...
#taskoutput.split.chunk.completed=chunk {0} created
#taskoutput.split.chunk.failed=Split failed : {0}
#taskoutput.compress.started=Zipping : {0} ...
#taskoutput.compress.failed=failed : {0}
taskoutput.upload.info=Uploading : {0}
taskoutput.upload.size=({0} bytes)
#taskoutput.upload.triggered=Connecting ...
taskoutput.upload.started=Upload started ...
taskoutput.upload.completed=Upload completed
taskoutput.upload.cancelled=Upload cancelled
taskoutput.upload.done=Upload completed, {0} files uploaded.
taskoutput.upload.failed=Upload failed : {0}
taskoutput.upload.failed.server.error=Server error {0}
taskoutput.upload.failed.maxsize.error=Denied : Max. size allowed {0} bytes
taskoutput.upload.failed.minsize.error=Denied : Min. size allowed {0} bytes
taskoutput.upload.failed.maxfiles.error=Denied : Max. files allowed : {0}
taskoutput.upload.failed.hidden.error=Denied : Hidden file : {0}
taskoutput.upload.failed.whitelist.error=Denied : File not allowed : {0}
taskoutput.upload.failed.filesonly.error=Denied : Directories not allowed : {0}
taskoutput.upload.failed.overwrite.error=Aborted, file already exists
#taskoutput.filter.starting=Loading {0}
#taskoutput.filter.started=Filtering {0}
#taskoutput.filter.completed=Filtered {0}
#taskoutput.filter.failed=Filtering failed {0}
#taskoutput.preprocessingfilter.starting=Archiving {0} file(s) ...
#taskoutput.preprocessingfilter.failed=Failed {0}
#taskoutput.protocol.request=> {0}
#taskoutput.protocol.response=< {0}

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Re: JIimageUpload - config options

Postby support » Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:05 pm

About #1:
You can also try <PARAM NAME"hidebar" VALUE="false">

About #2:
You need JBatchUpload add-on. You will see files selected in a queue. You can tehn add/remove files from the selection and start/stop upload.

About #3: First you need to uncomment enable=true at the end of scaling.properties
a) Yes,
<PARAM NAME="filterparam2" VALUE="enable">
<PARAM NAME="filtervalue2" VALUE="true">
Then document.fileupload.setExtraParameter("enable","false");
b) Yes,
<PARAM NAME="filterparam1" VALUE="maxwidth">
<PARAM NAME="filtervalue1" VALUE="600">
Then document.fileupload.setExtraParameter("maxwidth","800");
You can instal lJSAPI with UNREGISTERED version, there is not limitation.

About #4:
Try to uncomment:
#taskoutput.filter.starting=Loading {0}
#taskoutput.filter.started=Filtering {0}
#taskoutput.filter.completed=Filtered {0}
#taskoutput.filter.failed=Filtering failed {0}
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Re: JIimageUpload - config options

Postby sdthomas » Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:15 pm

Thanks for the reply.
#1 & #4 - worked
#2 - ok we may have to look at the jBatchupload aswell.
#3 - didn't work at first - no response from setExtraParameter method,
after some playing around i got this to work:
<param name="filterparam1" value="enable"/>
<param name="filtervalue1" value="true"/>
<param name="filterparam2" value="maxwidth"/>
<param name="filtervalue2" value="1024"/>
<param name="filterparam3" value="maxheight"/>
<param name="filtervalue3" value="800"/>

With the Js call using setRegularParameter:
document.fileupload.setRegularParameter("filtervalue1", "false");

So now we have the scaling working and accepting new values via text fields next to the uploader and enabled/disabled via a checkbox :)

So a couple more questions:
Is it possible to disable scaling but still keep the resampling?
eg by setting enable to false via JSAPI like above
but by setting any of the following - quality, impl, rotation.algorithm - will the image still be resampled even though we have disabled scaling?
Or is there a setting to still scale and resample the image but keep the original image dimensions?
I've tried setting max width/height to -1,null,false,{2},{3} all to no avail yet.

Basically we'd like to offer the user the ability to maintain their image size but have the option to reduce the quality in order to reduce file size.

Many Thanks
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Re: JIimageUpload - config options

Postby support » Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:00 pm

Scaling is mandatory but the feature you're asking for is something we could add quickly for a small fee. Please contact support(at)jfileupload(dot)com if you're interested in.
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