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file not found

Post by adamfenn28 »

I have jfileupload installed and working fine. I have added the download.jar file to the library, which loads correctly in my applet_http_download.html.

I can select a directory, but I always get a "Download failed : readme.txt not found" from the applet.

I am using php, and have process.php with explorer.php included on line 26.

I have the following code in my applet_http_download.js:

Code: Select all

// BEGIN: Update parameters below for INTERNET EXPLORER, FIREFOX, SAFARI, OPERA, MOZILLA, NETSCAPE 6+ support.
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME=CODE VALUE="jfileupload.upload.client.MApplet.class">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME=CODEBASE VALUE="./">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME=ARCHIVE VALUE="lib/jfileupload.jar,lib/httpimpl.jar,lib/chttpclient.jar,lib/clogging.jar,lib/download.jar">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME=NAME VALUE="fileupload">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="type" VALUE="application/x-java-applet;version=1.4">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="scriptable" VALUE="true">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="url" VALUE="http://localhost/jfile/process.jsp">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="item1" VALUE="readme.txt">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="param2" VALUE="relativefilename">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="value2" VALUE="true">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="folderdepth" VALUE="-1">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="encoding" VALUE="ISO-8859-1">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="transferui" VALUE="">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="resources" VALUE="i18n_bar">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="transferuiresources" VALUE="i18n_pane">');
document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="mode" VALUE="">');
// END
readme.txt is in my /jfile directory, and I have a copy in /jfile/uploads also.

What could I be doing wrong that is preventing the system from finding readme.txt?

BTW, if I can get this to work, like I want to, I will buy the source code version.

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